Tribute to the Horsemen

Seasons of Youth

Everyday Heroes Mural

Celebrating Our Community

Celebrating Our Community

DA's Office Mural

Where We Were

Where We Are

Where We Will Be

Where We Were... at Northeast HS, Phila.

Pan American Charter School

Pan American Charter School

Guardian Angels (Collaboration with Eric Okdeh)

Stinger Square (Collaboration with Eric Okdeh)

Vare Middle School (Summer Wall)

Vare Middle School (Spring Wall)

TOVA Church Installation

A Step Forward

The History of the Flag (Designed by Stacey Lewis, Painted with Eric Okdeh)

Phila. Police Heliport Mural (Collaboration with Eric Okdeh)

Clemente Recreation

Clemente Recreation

Rose Mural (Collaboration with co-lead artist Barbara Smollen)

Tribute to Attiya (Collaboration with co-lead artists Barbara Smollen and Jane Golden, assisted by Eric Okdeh

Tribute to Sonia Sanchez (Assistant to James Dupree)

Philadelphia Muses (Assistant to Meg Saligman)

Journey (Assistant to Meg Saligman)

Common Threads (Assistant to Meg Saligman)